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Welcome to TeenKidsChat ! Join our community for free teen chat r ms for older kids and teenagers.

Welcome to TeenKidsChat ! Join our community for free teen chat r ms for older kids and teenagers.


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Welcome To TeenKidsChat

Join our community 100% free teen chat r ms

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BEST kids that are ONLINE teen

Our web site is devoted for all boys and girls involving the ages of 13 and 19. Someplace where you’ll be able to to satisfy brand new buddies and random people in an amiable and environment that is safe. There are many essential chat that is online you have to consent to very first before proceeding. Enjoy your stay!


Please be aware, your access liberties to Teen Chat are really a privilege not a entering that is right.By Chat you agree to abide by all guidelines as stated here, regarding the main page of the talk and as directed by any staff, including admins or moderators.

You’re between 13 and 19 years of age. At your birthday celebration whenever you turn 20, you might be not qualified to enter this chat. You must seek the consent of your parent or guardian and inform the chat admin (Tyler) if you are under 13,. No mods can work on an user that is underage approval from the admin.

You might be in charge of all actions in your account, including actions created by others.Failure to report a person that is breaking major guidelines can lead to your account being punished also. Report to moderators in private messages just.

You shall not always get yourself a caution. Proceed with the rules, along with nothing to be worried about. If you’re muted or kicked, don’t keep coming back and argue concerning the punishment.


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(TC01) You will not partake in bullying of any sort. Including threats, doxxing of personal data, circulation of any images you’ll privately have been sent. We take bullying and threats really and all sorts of events involved with such are going to be handled swiftly.

(TC02) don’t share social networking information, usernames, handles or links on primary chat, personal user r ms, wall surface articles or in your bio or m d. This consists of maybe not “asking for socials” in all places simply mentioned Springfield MA escort girls. You may possibly discuss something which t k place on socials, instance “did you see just what joe said in the ” that is gc. Social media means any ongoing service that you can interact with other people on. These generally include but are not limited by Snap, Instagram, Faceb k, Minecraft, roblox, telegram, whatsapp, discord and any other service that fits the description.

(TC03) Do NOT joke about being “over age” – this isn’t funny and certainly will cause you being treated as over age, & most most likely banned.

(TC04) Do NOT post / talk about extreme sexual topics. We comprehend you’re teens, we have been lenient up to a degree, but please usually do not explore extreme intimate subjects in every general public area of the chat. This consists of sexual fetishes etc. and some examples of banned behavior are, not limited to age play, sub/dom, incest, necrophilia, pedophilia and more.

(TC05) Do NOT catfish. Ifyou claim become any person that is famous or social influencer) you will have to verify this aided by the admin by messaging the admin from your verified primary social media account. Because of this we are able to ensure any “famous” faces on teen-chat are real. When you yourself have someone’s image and it’s a fan situation, in your bio you must have the language “pfp is not me personally, it is (celeb title), I’m utilizing it when I have always been a fan”. You will be removed from the chat if you do not. If you work with an image that is random of person from g gle, please say therefore. In the event that person you’re claiming to be is proven to not be you, you will be banned. Catfishing isn’t tolerated in just about any form here

(TC06) Speak English and English only in most elements of the talk. This consists of chat that is main wall posts, reviews, custom r ms and bio/m ds. This includes usernames. In private messages you might NOT speak some other language than English. Should your PMs are reported you shall be kicked.

(TC07) Do not require or offer money for just about any function including however restricted to, nudes, sugar daddy/mommy/baby, or other reason.

(TC08) don’t share records, passwords or offer to login and buy someone VIP. If you want to present VIP, ask the admin for the hyperlink to complete it the right way. Any people caught sharing reports will likely be dealt with, that is for many events accounts that are sharing.

(TC09) Do NOT make false accusations / allegations that will never be verified by pr f. The individual making false accusations / allegations is punished.

(TC10) Do NOT “fake” or “create” screenshots. All informative data on the chat server could be verified by logs. You will be prohibited if you submit fake screenshots to get someone punished or banned.

(TC11) Do NOT false report posts, PMs or pages utilising the report system that is new. Duplicated behavior similar to this will result in your account being banned or kicked

(TC12) don’t participate in “age play” or “Littles” – this isn’t appropriate behavior and will result in your account being immediately banned. This includes “age regression”.

(TC13) never post profile pictures (banner images) in ridiculously skimpy clothes (this consists of male torsos without any shirt) – this isn’t a sex / h k up chat, therefore just clothed profile images is going to be permitted. No headless abs pics, no guy that is shirtless, no girls in “bras” or thongs. Should your profile pic is eliminated, usually do not place it back up

Additionally, profile photos may well not include clearly over age people (Or plainly under age persons) – just exception for this is celebrity individuals (where by you’re a fan of theirs and not claiming to be them)

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